Thanks to all the Sharks!

Despite my galeophobia I love you all. Thank you, not only for creating one of my favorite games of all times, but also for getting me into the Warhammer world.

What a journey it has been!

Can’t wait for more V2 stuff and Darktide!


Nice collection!
I also started collecting the books thanks to the Vermintide. I knew of the francise since Age of Reckoning, but never really thought of delving into it until the first VT.

Gets kinda hard with how all the books are very rarely printed nowadays. Still can’t get war of the ancients, Mathias Thulmann and Legend of Sigmar myself (among others, but these are the ones I truly desire the most now).

Currently finishing on masters of stone and steel and will read the elves afterwards :stuck_out_tongue:

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I hope the reason why there is no Tyrion & Teclis omnibus is because it currently sits on your table and you are reading it right now…


I was unable to aquire a physical copy. So it’s on my Kobo reading tablet thingy, and I finished it some time ago. Good stuff :+1:
(I’ll get a phys copy for the shelf when I can)

@Reorx Yeah, if i recall correctly they were hit quite hard by the pandemic and printing slowed way down.


I recommend checking ebay/amazon secondhand book sellers for the original hadrback prints. They are really worth it.
Bought several copies myself a while back to make two full sets :joy:

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Try thriftbooks, its always been great for me