Vote kick enabled everywhere

Had a player in game who decided in against the grain finale to intentionally friendly fire kill the team, went to vote kick before he got us all only to see button grayed out, please remove vote kick disabled zones

It’s meant to stop people from votekicking someone right at the end. Your mileage may vary on which kind of griefing is more damaging (friendly fire or votekicking someone out of a match right at the end), but at the very least know that you cannot take damage of -any- kind if you are inside the bubble.


Did you win the run or did he commit sudoku also?

Wait really? I’m pretty sure you can kill each other in the bubble… I swear I’ve done it with friends. Or maybe it was right outside the bubble, I’ll have to test.


If there isn’t any change, you can kill inside the bubble.

Inside of the bubble you are immune to all damage. Your characters might make friendly fire voice lines, but if they’re in the portal, they’re still immune to all damage. You can even explode as Sienna in the portal and be fine, just like in the keep.

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Which wasn’t the case when Shadow of Bogenhafen came out in beta (the finale of Blightreaper was pretty “fun” when you played Unchained)

I remember a friend killed me while I was into the bubble.

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Is this a new thing? I clearly remember people killing each other inside of the bubble while waiting for the game to finish lol.


Impossible, you can’t take damage in bubble, you can dish out damage for ppl outside bubble but not inside

When I’m not slowly dieing from this man flu, I’ll check it out. I swear you can damage people inside the bubble though.


Yep it’s rather new.

It must be very new indeed, because myself and a friend shoot the s*** out of each other in the bubble every time and it most certainly does damage

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If I had to wager when it was added, I’d bet it was added with the same patch that brought the anti-grief end of round countdown, where if someone stays in the bubble for long enough the match just ends.

It’d be another tool to help against griefing, so I wouldn’t be surprised if it was added at the same time.


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