Vote kick, blocklist and recent players problems

Issue Description:
We had one toxic player trying to sabotage the run by spamming vote kick. It revealed a lot of problems:

  • The kick vote popup blocks all your actions until you vote or cancel. You can easily die during this.
  • There is no cooldown on initiating another vote. One griefer can flood the party with requests and almost soft-lock them. I was barely able to make one or two steps between votes.
  • Blocking a player through the Social menu prevents you from vote-kicking them. I wanted to block the griefer from joining my games again, but I had to unblock him to try and counter his vote spam.
  • After successfully kicking the griefer, I was unable to find their profile again and block them. It didn’t show in the strike team menu anymore, nor in the recent games menu. I only saw their character name, not steam name.
  • The ‘previous games’ part of Social menu seems to get the info from steam overlay ‘recent players’ menu, not the game itself. I saw none of the players I played with in Darktide, but I saw friends who don’t even own darktide and we never played it together. It’s completely useless, until darktide correctly sends this info to steam.


I hope it’s in the proper forum section. How the vote kick works is technically not a bug, but rather a weird design decision, but the recent players menu is definitely not working as intended.