VOIP Chat set-up / test function

V2 is all about the group experience; the lack of comms for many does limit V2 at a fundamental level. Everyone agrees that being able to communicate whilst in a chosen group or quickplay greatly enhances the whole V2 game experience.

However it appears that if your set-up for whatever reason doesn’t “just work” then you are shut out of one of the most important parts of V2 gameplay.
The game does not assist in anyway to resolve this issue.

All an individual sees is a set of greyed out icons when they inspect their character…

Come on help address this issue…

My issue is people consistently tell me I’m too quiet. Dunno how to turn myself up in game. Some more settings would be nice.

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If your setup doesn’t just work then it’s probably a problem with your system outside of the game… by-and-large it’s Windows responsible for these things. Go to your input sound devices in Windows and mess with settings there, there’s even a “listen to this device” checkbox so you can hear how loud you sound.


Thanks for the response. I am by profession a computer consultant so I am reasonably technical. However as you should be already aware, “…mess with settings…” in W10 can be problematic. A means to assist in that process would be beneficial to a large number of players for relatively small outlay; a quick win.

Hence the suggestion.

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That’s fair. I have worked for many years as an IT tech in various capacities so I have an advantage with that stuff… I can see how adding the settings in-game would make things easier for everybody.

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