Veteran Weapon skin not given upon upgrading?

I upgraded a Great Hammer for Bardin Goreksson from orange to red, but it didn’t give me one of the veteran skins red weapons usually have. Is there a reason for it? Every other non-DLC weapon I’ve upgraded has come with skins.

Hi @armyantsrule,

Veteran weapon illusions are included on weapons obtained from chests/vaults. However, when upgrading a weapon to veteran tier it is not possible to get them with illusions.

You’ve mentioned upgrading other weapons and these having skins, but this shouldn’t be possible :thinking:

Good to know! Thank you for the clarification, it’s possible I was confusing getting illusions from other weapons that already had them or something (perhaps it was DLC-only weapons, say the Trollhammer Torpedo, which when upgraded to red did come with all illusions, given there was no Okri Challenge associated with the unlocks for that weapon)

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