Veteran tree is fun... but new ammos economy limits the possibilities

I have seriously played veteran. The tree has a lot of possibilities.
However, if you really want to play ranged weapons, you lack of ammos actually.
Off course, you can use lasguns weapons, but this limit the possibilities (only one final tree…).

This impacts all “bullets” weapons. If you want to go to close combat, the shotgun is the right choice. But not actually in this game, cause you lack of ammos to play it efficiently.

I don’t think lasguns need more ammos than they have actually. However, revolvers, shotguns, infantry autoguns, and surely others weapons lack of ammos.
In my opinion, increasing ammunitions reserve of the ballistic weapons is really needed.

Sidenote on veteran:

  • I think voice of command activation is totally unimpressive
  • I hate that the veteran can’t play properly a stealth role cause of the cooldown that is really too important
  • I hate being a veteran that have to fight without ammos…

There are ton of gameplays in this tree… please Fatshark, give us the real possibility to enjoy ballistic weapons like we should.

rip cbt vet with +75% ammo reserves, rip ammo spawns, rip other people pewpewing in the team, rip vet ammo scavenging. Reject ranged, return to failed preacher-vet melee.

Jokes aside I am a strong believer in Full middle skill tree with left overs into right side bottom half. Best soloQ build imho. dollar store shade does suck though.

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