Veteran: 'Resupply Allies' penance not tracking progress

I’m currently at 12hrs playtime and yet the ‘Resupply Allies’ penance is still tracked at 0/5000 (even if I wasn’t actively trying to complete this, you would expect I’d have picked up some progress accidentally as the penance itself is passive) - mildly annoying as I want to unlock the Trenchraider Goggles from completing ‘On Target (1)’. I haven’t had any other problems with the penance system minus this specific penance.


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I have this problem too.
I’ve played Darktide for 125 hours and I have a veteran without this achievement.
I really hope the developers will spell this achievement out for me, because I really want to get the reward (the other achievements are done).
I pre-ordered the game, and have been playing since day one of accessing the game.
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Developers please tell me you won’t leave this problem unchanged :frowning:

A friend of mine is having this issue too on PC and the only way he got progress was when he only had the basic aura and not the upgraded one.

If you want to complete this penanace currently, you have to play with a very incomplete build.
Or, you know, wait for it to be fixed… whenever that will be

In hopes that somebody on the team reads this. It is most likely due to an issue with resupplying as a whole. None of the perks work properly or at least consistently for non-veterans. No nades are resupplied and not a lot / no ammo at all is resupplied. That’s most likely why you aren’t getting progress.

It doesn’t works. I’m tryed it now again and have no changes at my achievment score.

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Even the basic aura doesn’t progress at all? Damn, my friend must’ve forgotten what progress he was on when he last played.

To be fair to him, that was over 9 months ago.

Sorry to have gotten that wrong, still :v:

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