Veteran ranger smoke bomb

would be nice to work the same way as it did in WoW’s rogue smoke bomb.
in that it blocks LOS.

enemy inside the smoke bomb do not have los to people outside of the smoke bomb. and enemies outside of the smoke bomb cannot see what is inside or behind it.

so a horde of stuff comes in a corridor or something, u run up, pop smoke bomb, horde drops aggro right away and just stands there while ur team stand behind or inside the smoke and shoot stuff and not get aggro till smoke despawns :smiley:

Sounds kinda OP… You the RV are already invisible and agro free. Making the whole party agro free would be pretty unbalanced. Everyone would want a RV in their party lol

“COMON RAT!” Hits a chaos warrior

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they’re all friggin rats the whole lot of em

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