How exactly do smoke grenades work?

Do you have to throw them at enemies? Do they block line of site between you and enemies? Do they block line of sight if the smoke is on you?
I haven’t seen them be effective against snipers yet in any situation, and bullets still seem to connect a lot through them.

I admit I haven’t had much use of them against snipers, but depending on what you want the enemies to do changes heavily where you are throwing them.
Effectively think they are a barrier that any enemy looking through it gets affected by a reduce range modifier. Throw it directly on them if you are at a distance and want to get close as this will trigger them to be out of range and begin moving forward. Throw it in front of them if you want them to stop shooting but you are dealing with other enemies currently so want them pseudo-disabled for longer, and only throw it at your feet if your party is stuck fighting a boss or suchlike, and you want to minimize as much as possible the time they can shoot you.

Overall they can be pretty good, but only if you build it so you can spam them and that they have extra duration. It goes pretty well with making a build also around Voice of Command and a gun with Stripped Down.


Smoke grenades also work on hordes, when you’re standing in them horde enemies can’t do running attacks on you. Actually very nice with their current buff from ‘grenade tinkerer’ making them last 30 seconds. Be safe from sliding buttpokes in your big rasta cloud. We be styling.

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