Veteran passive "Be Prepared" needs more than 40% amoo reserve

So in the closed beta the veteran be prepared trait gave 70% extra ammo reserve which I liked as I preferred shooting and I wasn’t constantly scavenging for ammo after every engagement & there were moments where melee was a must. This Pre-order Beta new 40% make it feel like I am constantly scavenging for ammo & way more reliant for melee during most of the mission. Coupled when playing with randos who hoover everything (greedy ones or fellow vets) I can’t afford to shoot until final battle moments! (RIP autogun as the ammo economy on that is awful, least for early level ones).

If 70% ammo reserve made it so peeps never had to melee, I can fully understandable that (hyrbid combat) but 40% is too low imo now and now it feels way more leaning towards melee and save guns for the hold out moments only.

Full disclosure still having fun & this issue doesn’t stop fun just make me more frugal with ammo.


You said it : he never had to melee with 70% bonus ammo, and the goal of this nerf is to prevent exactly that.

The game is a hybrid between melee and ranged, they want us to use both

Sharpshooter shine when he’s far, shooting ennemies from afar but he has to eco some ammo and get in the heat of the battle himself. Zealot shine in melee but he also need to get out his ranged weapon a lot too : They don’t want us to sit in the back and shoot all day long

Current Zealot doesn’t shine anywhere.

Back to Veteran, I agree with tonning his ammo reserve a bit but also I feel like some weapons just have way too low ammo count even with his bonus, like autogun, shotgun or bolter. I think the key here is not really to make Vet carrying more ammo but make some weapons actually have more ammo in reserve. They already feel low even on Veteran so on other classes they feel even worse to use.


i noticed that i have less ammo on average but i still can open all engagements with plenty shots and i don’t need all the ammo pickups

for now i think 40% is enough, tho it would have been cool if he got compensated with 5% more on headshot dmg bonus as 15% is kinda meh (until we know breakpoints)

It would be nice to have it bumped to 50%.


I can stand behind it, 50% would be nice.

Yeah I think the bonus should be 50% as well, just like how ranged specialists had 50% in vermintide 2.

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It’s because he’s bugged, it’s gonna be fixed eventually

What’s the bug?

Zealot’s first talent doens’t work, and his ult only replenish 50% of his toughness instead of all of it. It makes him very weak rn

think 50-55% would do great.

also Veteran coherency does not stack, so if 2 veterans or more, they never aid by gaining more ammo, and yet ammo consumption is higher due to the class, yet ammo is more scarce.

Don’t change his passive, just give the ammo hungry guns more ammo. I’ve never run into a problem with a lasgun.

Maybe not allowing someone to pick up ammo when they are at white ammo level could help?

If they want hybrid combat everyone should have good ammo levels not just vet.

55% final offer


Going to state this reply intentions which are that I welcome a discussion, and this is not at all a hostile retort or attacking. :slight_smile:

To clarify I said “IF”, I was merely echoing sentiment of community + I did say I can “Fully understand” the aim for hybrid combat. HOWEVER some guns are completely non-viable (autoguns in particular) they sound awesome + feel awesome but when it has 24 round mag and I’m using least 2-3 burst per enemy, it feels a tad weak. Like maybe a small buff to 50% (only 10% increase) ammo would be nice or maybe just have default ammo pool of autoguns be more?

I fully enjoy meleeing especially with chainswords but on the higher difficulties when there are too many scab gunners or reapers (f those guys) it becomes a frustration when you can’t handle them with (at least) the Autoguns!

Maybe it’s because I came from playing Skullbreaker, but I have had no issue with ammo on Veteran outside of a couple missions where the ammo spawns were outrageously scarce or there was that one guy who picked up ALL the ammo.

Veterans have access to incredible melee options via the Power Sword, Chainsword, and that one axe (not the one with Assassin, sorry I forgot the name of it). I’m usually throwing down in melee unless my team is being oppressed by ranged and that’s kinda my job to take care of. The biggest factor is how using your special automatically swaps you to your ranged weapon which is just chef’s kiss perfect. Ammo discipline should be a part of the game and for Veteran it is in a really great spot right now.

I’d also like to add that it seems like if there are multiple Veterans in a mission there are more ammo spawns. That could just be my skewed observation but it really does feel that way.