Buffs and Nerfs

The shift from CBT to pre-launch beta for veteran 75% ammo reserves, and Preacher with working feats is very strange.

The design philosophy around vet ammo makes sense and played very well, but wtf happened to preacher?

This isn’t a competitive pvp game, and higher difficulties will still be hard I promise.(People already struggle with Difficulty 1 - 3) Don’t be afraid to give vet that ammo back now, and I heard Ogryn got turned sluggish?

Lets just relax with the nerf hammer and look at buffs for now. Darktide is a fun game with a lot of potential, but that means nothing if it doesn’t meet that potential.

Maybe throw out some minor buffs here and there for Thicc bois, and Warp homies.

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As a warp homie, I desperately want something to look forward to between level 15-30. Progression in this game already seems… pointless, but it’s kinda painful watching everyone else get powered up as they go and I don’t really change much.


Well… They gone and did the nerf thing.
Sniper 25% → 20%,
Grenade replenish 45 sec ->60 sec
8% grenade refill chance perk kill → 5% chance

grenade bleed → 8 stacks of bleed on grenade
covering fire 4% toughness replenish to allies in range → 10%

ammo bonuses still 40% no change unlucky.

Please stop nerfing things, we only need buffs… : ( I can only imagine how bad it is for other classes.