Veteran loadout change

While playing i noticed that often times i don’t even go into melee. If I’m in a team with 2 fanatics and an ogryn i can end up ranged the entire time…maybe an occassional enemy gets past them.

This becomes even more apparent if i have the hellgun with its bayonet. In that case my gun is also a fairly decent melee weapon.

My proposition would be to allow “bladed”/ melee capable special move weapons to be equiped in the melee section for veterans. You would still have a “melee” option to beat down your enemies if your out of ammo, not always the best but you have something. This would let you use the normal ranged slot for another type of ranged weapon.

This would let you say have a hellgun for sniping/ heavy hitting and melee and an autogun to or lasgun to deal quicker shots/ suppress enemies. Or say you wanted to have the bolter but you also want something in case you need to conserve ammo.

Alternatively a possibly fairer option would be to only allow pistols to be equipped in the melee slot. Allowing you to take a sniper rifle and an auto pistol, or take an automatic rifle and the heavy las pistol or whatever combo you feel works best…this does potentially leave you without ammo at some point so i feel the melee weapon for the melee slot makes the most sense.

Curious if anyone else feels this makes sense. As it is they feel very similar to the fanatic at times on loadout and often leaves you with a melee weapon you might never even pull out when you would much rather have another gun of some sort. It would open up alot more builds and play styles that would come with their own risk/rewards.

I think that would make more sense in another classes role. Maybe a dedicated sniper with no melee. Although that could be rough and seems to go against the games current combat philosophy.