Very random and intense input latency

Since yesterday I’ve began experiencing input latency in random intervals during gameplay.
As an example, if I press W,S,D my character will first wait a second then go in those 3 directions in that same order. Same lag goes to switching weapons and all other items. The only thing that doesn’t lag is mouse camera movement. In my current 460ish hours of gameplay this didn’t occur once.

  • Changing stacking frames does nothing
  • Changing VSync on or off or switching between fullscreen and borderless has no results

Currently the V2 files are being validated since I’ve no idea what else I can do. Can anyone help?

Take a look here:

Likely a localised issue if it appeared so suddenly, have you installed anything new? I assume you’ve restarted your PC since then?

I’ve reinstalled the game since then and also ran a few antivirus applications. Now it seems to be fixed, except for unusually high latency that’s been going on around lately. Thank you!

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