Very fast drum beat sound plays with Ironbreaker 'Impenetrable' career skill

The bug where a very fast drum beat sound plays with Ironbreaker’s ‘Impenetrable’ career skill even if you’re not blocking or being hit (reported back when the Big Balance beta was released) still happens as of version 1.3 live.

Previous reports (Fatshark forums reports have been deleted - the links here are archive links):

Issue Summary:
Don’t know if anyone has heard this before. Couldn’t find any post about this issue:
If I play dwarf ironbreaker and fight against a horde I always get an annoying sound like someone pounding a drum very loud for about 3-4 seconds. Like a hit-sound which buggs out or something. It’s really annoying.
I have no other way to describe that sound. It’s like you sitting beside a big drum and somone is pounding it like crazy…

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Play beta with dwarf ironbreaker
  2. play against incoming horde
  3. listen

Reproduction Rate (Choose One):

In latest balance beta , i think iron breaker career skill’s sound is bugged. Usually, you hear the drumming sound roughly once per second but right now it is heavy metal drumming session . Is this intentional ?

Issue Summary:
When using Ironbreaker’s Impenetrable, there is often a constant sound, like getting hit into a shield block several times a second. It seemed to happen almost every time I used Impenetrable, but come and go inconsistently. Being a few moments without taking or giving a hit seemed to trigger it most effectively, but as it continued while fighting, I doubt that’s the sole reason. This was irrelevant to what weapon I had equipped, and to whether I was blocking or attacking.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Choose Ironbreaker
  2. Use Impenetrable
  3. Listen

Reproduction Rate (Choose One):
Common (< 50%) (Seems to happen every or almost every time Impenetrable is used, but appears and disappears inconsistently on each activation)

Ironbreaker’s Impenetrable loops hit sounds after taking only one hit



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