Very disappointed with the community manager

I received an answer from the community manager that they won’t add more skins to these new Dual weapons, Dual Hammers, Axe and Falchion, etc. Suggestion Was on Victor Saltzpyre (Axe and Falchion) dual Weapons to add an new Skin, It’s Called “Von Kraddock’s Judge”

Thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis… isn’t a good reason to be disappointed with the Community Manager (at least in my book). I’m sorry that the FatShark team isn’t moving in the directions you are willing it to.

Also: I know you want to raise awareness, my man, but you gotta know that asking repeatedly isn’t a winning way of getting what you want, right?



Why are you dissapointed in the community manager just because he relayed the information to you? It’s not like it was his decision to make.

Also, this thread is going to derail real quick if you’re making replies like that lol


Dont be mad at Hedge, Hedge is best boi.


Revy, Fattigkussen, Torantolis


@anon94217107 you’ve made a lot of posts recently on very similar topics, and whenever someone disagrees with you or tries to reason with you, you seem to snap at them. It’s nice that you’re wrapped up in the game to the point that you want to join a discussion on what content you’d like to see. But you’re getting on a lot of peoples nerves. Is there anything going on behind the scenes that we don’t know about that’s causing this behavior? Do you need someone to talk about it with?


Is this the only thing you ever post? Do you have so little to add.

All I’m asking is to add another skin To the Falchion and Axe , IMO that golden Axe looks more deluxe way better
I think that’s the easiest thing not lore changing thing to do for the Devs

Well this isn’t very fair. The original question you messaged Julia privately (and myself separately) with was if we would change the axe to a different axe - there was no mention of a specific illusion or addition of a new illusion - she did answer with the news that we wouldn’t swap those on request - I believe. You have since followed up with the correction that you were keen to see it as a new illusion rather than swapping it out altogether, to which neither of us had the opportunity to reply before this thread was made.

Feedback and requests are always welcome, but we cannot honor all requests or act on all feedback, and more often than not a discussion and deliberation is required before being able to confirm or otherwise deny acting on things.

So whilst I might come across as somewhat defensive of my team and colleagues, you have to realise that this thread is a little irrational and regrettably only serves to see it be a feedback item or more specifically suggestion that doesn’t make it past our screens.

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