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General thread for title purpose. Hoping to start discussion.

Personally I really hope they go all-in on the asymmetrical aspect of it. I swore off PVP games a long time ago - the combination of high stakes and toxic behavior made me simply give up on the entire genre. I think there’s room for something unique here though.

I’m thinking that, rather then a straight-up PvP contest like every other game on the market, it would be more like classic V2 but the horde would have intelligent enemies mixed in. The Pact players would be expendable, dying en masse and respawning quickly, trying repeatedly to make a dent in the unstoppable heroes. The heroes (or something - starts with “p” and ends with “path” ) are their usual rat blending selves. This completely changes the dynamics of the PVP from something like TF2 or Overwatch to some kind of hybrid between classic VT2 and Save The Prez (old school Team Fortress). It also adds two very different gameplay flavors to appeal to different types of people or just extend the replayability of it.

Hoping you can play as Maulers or Berserker class mobs, or even CW (too OP?) as well, in the ‘down time’ after you die as a special. or even Marauders/Clanrats

Especially if you gave you handle over your swing moveset and pushing (no block, though) like the heros’ weapons do.

Interested in how they’ll handle players controlling bosses.

Also how they will manage dedicated servers for this, because otherwise the game wont hold water with 8 people dealing with poor connections and ragequitters

Edit - Noticed people talking about cosmetics for specials, that would be really awesome if you had skins or ‘hats’ for ‘achievements earned’ or ‘did X, Y times as Z special’ for each particular special unit to show skill/preference/bragging rights/or monetary donations

Also if properties are present, everyone will be picking vs skaven cause most specials are skaven. maybe beastmen/winds patch will change this.

I also saw someone suggest idle chatter between skaven/chaos, that would be so cool

Chanting or Rhyming as a Blightstormer, Fire Rats share Sienna’s impatient Fire Lust, maybe even have a chat wheel for special players that can trigger voicelines ie Assassin Rats’ “When their backs turn, we go.” or the Gunner letting the team know he’s prepping to open fire.

Things that help you immerse yourself tactically while also role playing into the character you’re controlling at the moment is the best way to keep players coming back, wanting more. cosmetics only sweeten the pot.


I hope they don’t turn it into a racing game like l4d versus.

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I’d like to see you be able to play as any elite, and swap control between them when you die. So it’s less PVP and more like you are the horde.

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