Versus Feedback: Why I played a lot of March Versus but only 4 May Versus games

With the May Versus I lost interest in versus, but given that they are trying and are offering this mode for free I feel like I have a duty to the developers to at least share my feedback.

When March Versus was released, I kept playing and playing and playing. Was so sad when it ended as that became my main Vermintide 2 game mode. It was just so much fun.

When May Versus was released I was so hyped, not because they probably added stuff but because I just wanted to play versus again.

Then I had a big dissapointment. It just wasn’t the same thing…

This is weird, it’s the same game-mode so why doesn’t it feel like the same thing? I was like I don’t know what it is, I can’t quite put my finger on it, it just feels very wrong.

It took me a while but I found it - they changed the balance a lot.

More specifically - they nerfed the heroes a lot.

It’s like, I don’t want to play 2 different games and “know/learn” 2 different balances for coop and versus. And what’s the obsession with the balance anyway? Is not like Vermintide 2 is ever going to be an esports game. It was always meant to be a fun game, not a competitive one.

Not to mention, there’s no such thing as “no balance” in Vermintide 2 Versus because both teams change sides. So even if the Heroes are slightly better, they will be slightly better for both teams. Making it balanced.

The developers noticed that the Pactsworn were too weak in Versus March (because the Versus’ Pactsworns were already weaker than their co-op campaign equivalent), and instead of buffing the Pactsworns (no reload for Ratling Gunners and such), they decided to nerf the heroes and make them different from the co-op campaign too.

Yes, there was an unbalance in March, but I think they went the wrong way about it. Instead of buffing the Pactsworn, they nerfed the Heroes.

At this point Versus May is so nerfed and feel so much more restrictive that it simply isn’t… fun.

They nerfed it so much they made it bland. No flavor.

And the new addition… the Troll… is perhaps the best metaphor for the May Versus nerfs.

He’s not a real troll.

He doesn’t have a lot of health and doesn’t have that health regenerating mechanic. He is just a Rat Ogre who is able to spit once in a while.

Yes the Skaven were weaker in March Versus, but that was the point, you’re supposed to die a lot as Skaven and Heroes win 70% of the time. It’s not about whether they can’t reach the finish line, it’s about how much you can stall them and whether you can take 1-2 heroes with you along the way.

Instead of nerfing everyone. They should have returned to the March Versus balance and adjust from there, May Versus is so much a step in the wrong direction for me that I simply do not enjoy this game mode anymore even if I loved it in March.

If they felt March had balance issues, that could have easily been fixed by boosting the damage and respawn rate of Skaven.

Was range too OP in March? Yes, and that’s not a bad thing, that’s 100% okay. And I say this as someone who loves to play melee. Every game mode will have a meta, there’s nothing inherently wrong with that.

Range being the meta in versus was no issue. And if they wanted to address that they could have easily fixed it by adding playable Plague Monks and Stormvermin, rather than working with the balance.

In March they had the Statue of David, in May they polished it so much that it looks like a big squared rock with no soul.

Sincerely, a dissapointed fan.

(also they killed the prisoner rat in the lobby, I miss that guy, I named him Bobby back in March. RIP sweet prince.)