Vermy crashes constantly

Hi there. Vermy has been driving me mad recently. I can’t get through a game of chaos wastes without it crashing! I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling it. I tried verifying the game files. I’ve updated my graphics data. Any ideas if there is anything else I can try?

GUID: c34cfea3-abcc-4949-b55d-8b5cf5cb20aa
Log File:
Info Type:

console-2022-07-18-22.27.18-71c793c9-b4b7-48fa-b34e-773e396859ab.log (984.3 KB)

I used to have the issue. I found a post by FatsharkJulia a few weeks ago that suggested setting the number of worker threads to 6. I’ve done that and have rarely crashed since. However, I do believe that (increased?) instability is currently a known issue in the 4.7.x patch.

If worker threads don’t help out, disabling the Steam Overlay has increased performance with some users, too (including me).

If that doesn’t work, hopefully there’s another solution - or a bug fix patch soon on the horizon.

@BaronB Your log shows you ran into a GPU-related crash. I recommend running through potential solutions here:

Thanks for that - I’ll give that a go!

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