Vermintide 2 - Patch 2.1.0 (Season 2) BETA

I’m not so optimistic that QP weaves will be a good tool for finding groups to play ranked weaves with. Each QP weave you’d get to ask 3 people if they are on the same weave as you, and if they would want to play ranked with you. There are many reasons why they’d not be interested. (Perhaps they don’t want to play ranked? Perhaps they already have a group? Perhaps they are just farming Essence? Perhaps they have done your weave already and aren’t interested in playing it again? Perhaps they haven’t reached your weave and want to do them in order? etc.)

I hope you are correct in that QP weaves will help people find groups to play with, but for ranked I’d say the LFG forums and even just the regular Ranked matchmaking tool would be better. At least then the people you find would be people on the same weave that are interested in playing ranked and that need another member.

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That makes a lot of sense. I’ve really only played for fun with friends and whatever randos we could conjure up, only got to mid-30s or so.

Originally I was hoping weaves would be more focused on that kind of thing, not this grindy-leaderboardy-scripted spawn nonsense we got… but hey they’re still pretty fun.

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Yes, I too would enjoy weaves more if they were implemented differently. It would be great fun if you could just add a wind to an adventure map run. That would be a way to increase the difficulty further and add more variety, like Deeds and Twitch are.

Don’t think it was a sound decision. Now temp HP even less desirable choice. And this is considering that only some subclasses can make use of temp efficiently.

Typical. Nerf good instead of making bad make sense.

This is coupled with an addition of THP on cleave. I don’t think in the heat of things it will be too noticeable, but it shouldn’t be a crutch to rely on for a whole level, those downtimes will chew it up. :slight_smile:


Surely the point of temporary hp is that it is… well, temporary, which it really wasn’t before.
And as long as you keep a decent pace it’s barely noticeable, it only really hurts you if you keep stopping for a snack after every fight.

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This, once again, clearly shows that you guys have no idea what to do with tempHP.
Just because you buffed one option, you blanket nerf the entire thing.
The various thp skills will never be balanced at the current level you adjust it. Some still swim in it, others are starved while others have to compete with each other to get some.
THP has to be removed from talent row and tied to weapon types and only then will you be able to really fine-tune gain and decay.

I’m actually fine with the decay that was not really noticeable right before. Sienna could use some love on the generating part though. Unchained does struggle a bit.

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What subclasses do you have in mind, and have you played them with temp health on cleave after it was reworked?

No, you are misunderstanding.
The thp nerf was necessary, period. THP was too good, and it was meant to help people in the thick of a fight, not replace actual health and provide map-wide sustain. This lets it fulfill its role without replacing healing scarcity, making resource management more important.

But thp on cleave was also considered bad in general, so it was buffed.


Just played a few games with Waystalker sword & Dagger. Used thp on crit/headshot, didn’t notice a difference at all…

Love the new map, just kept expecting undead to attack us :frowning: that castle sitting off in the distance looks smexy. Can’t wait to get in there and rescue Geneviève Dieudonné


I understand it alright.
In a controlled environment and capable players -> premade, you still have no problem to be full with thp all map long. You just have to coordinate collecting books and checking item spawns and you can push constantly to keep up sustain.
And if I wanted to play UC with crowbill, I’m still forced into healshare, because the zealot’s on-kill feast turns into a famine…

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Not tied to weapon types. Just put the useable neck traits on the talent row (boon, bark, bond) and make thp options all available as neck traits. Ez pz. I have no problem cutting other traits from the game and then FS doesn’t have to worry about balancing them.


Also, UC doesn’t have on kill. Wym?

That’s the problem, she doesn’t have it.

Thp generation is WEAPON dependent, nothing else. They tried to suit it to classes in order to have them as talents, but it’s a blatantly flawed design.
Whatever form is it reworked in, every method has to be available to everyone and then the player can pick for their playstyle.


As per the Winds of Magic - Season 2 Blog Post

Players who already own existing Vermintide 2 DLC’s will be retroactively awarded with Shillings.

Will this still happen? I’m currently on the beta, own existing DLCs, and have finished all Bogenhafen weekly quests, but I was not retroactively awarded with Shillings.

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Probably when the Season 2 patch goes live for all.

Ah home sweet home. Time to take a look at what we’ll have in the be-

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So it appears the big update for this patch is a cosmetics shop. Our premade left the game months ago due to the WoM update, I’m not really going into why specifically as it would be too long.

If we take the time to come back to this game and give it a chance only to find that:

  1. Cosmetics we know we’ve already unlocked are magically now not in our inventory and need to be “rebought”
  2. We don’t get awarded with whatever new currency you decide to do (essence, shillings, fatcoin, whatever) based on our existing owned DLCs or achievements even though we know we should be awarded it.

We will be out the door faster than you can say Burblespew Halleberry.

Are you sure about this. Because it seems to be the first report I see of this. And I find it strange that you’re the only one that actually had this bug.

Yeah and a rather new free map, nothing too new or too interesting, you can move on.

You do get rewarded for owning a dlc by an added quest, and I think you’re getting rewarded for each dlc by some amount when the beta comes to an end (that was the first plan, can’t really know if it’s still the plan though). Because it’s a beta, and they test stuff.