Vermintide 2 - Patch 2.1.0 (Season 2) BETA

I still have my hats in the beta. Can’t really say about the being given shillings or how much but you do get more weeklies each week based on DLC owned.

So it seems that if you change over to the beta branch it’s an 8GB download. If you then go back to live it’s only a 24Mb or so download. Once then you go back to beta you have to download the full 8GB again. Why the hell did you do it this way?..

Probably steam related, as it remove and add files kinda automatically for the various need so it happens like this :
-> Switch to beta, Add the map
-> Switch to current, I do not need the map anymore, removing map.
-> Switch to beta, I need the map, downloading it.
-> Switch to future main branch at the end of beta, I still need the map, I’m not removing it.


Literally all of the opt in betas have behaved this way.

Nice tinfoil hat assumptions, by the way.

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Gotcha. I read that as the zealot was stealing all of your kills. But yeah, you need to be able to choose any thp talent on any class.

This one wasn’t fixed either…

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This is the way it should be, otherwise you would have to uninstall the entire game and reinstall the entire game for changes or betas, say a hat causes crashes, just remove the hat by removing its “requirement” to be there to be “current” version. Verification happens and removes files or gets missing files.

??? Please provide screenshots, I still have all my previously unlocked cosmetics and I haven’t heard a whisper of anyone else having such a problem.


Dunno if it’s this, but what has happened numerous times to me (again now switching to Beta) that some, not all, careers lose their green heart “favorite” symbol from either just some category of items, or from all items, and they can be accidentally scrapped. When I scrap things it goes: go to each item view and favorite those I want to keep, then go to scrap view and get rid of everything. If there is reds I intended to keep or cosmetics mixed in I might not even notice.

so the beta has been out for quiet some time. any updates on the next steps. we need a timeline or something. second map date would be nice, etc.


I know it’s quite a while away, but: any chance we’ll be getting a new unique boss (ala Burbleblub, Spinemangler, Bödvarr, etc) during the final Drachenfels mission?


jus got a mini patch. any notes?

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Any updates at all? It’s been a month, some dialogue would be really nice.


We should have news before the week is out.


Week is nearly out, just saying =p

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We’re wrapping up the beta next week, most likely on Monday or Tuesday. As for the beginning of S2, we’ll get back to you on that as soon as possible.


Will the cosmetics from the beta shop be in the first rotation? Would be nice to know if I should save or spend my shillings before it ends.

Well, all the cosmetics in the current beta are rotating out of the Emporium on February 16th. So i guess they will stay when the Emporium goes live (unless the patch goes live after February 16th, but that would be a bad news).

That’s my guess too, but since it’s a beta and the emporium is a limited version for testing I figured it’s best to ask. (:

Can you give us any news on whether we will be getting a balance patch any time soon? Also, is the beta going to be released as-is or will feedback from the previous month be addressed?