User settings config reset

Every once in while, I load my game to find out my settings have been reset. It’s bad enough that I use a different keyboard layout so I have to rebind everything, but the absolutely worse part is having to go through my entire inventory to set favorites again.

I’d like a solution where you maybe can filter items so you can see only “new” items on the salvage screen, but if that’s too much trouble I think a button to “favorite everything” would go a long way.

I hope that the incoming inventory fix will solve this inconvenience, but if it doesn’t than a “set everything to favorite” option would be really something.

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About the setting reset, try opening the game (and steam) as admin.
I believe this used to be a problem for me on another game and i fixed it by doing this.

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Can you tell me how to do it? is it a steam option?

My keybinds and favorited items also got reset around a year ago. What I do now is to regularly back up %AppData%\Fatshark\Vermintide 2\save_data.sav - this is where keybinds and item favorite status are saved. Also, in the same directory is a save_data.old file, a backup of save_data.sav - you can try restoring that file if your keybinds get reset again.

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Before you open steam (close it if its already running) right click its icon and you will see the option “run as administrator”, that alone will make every game you run next start as admin.

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