Favorite items get reset after restarting the game

i recently recognized that none of my items is locked for the smith by the favorite button anymore.
I turned of all mods, but whenever i restart the game my previously locked items are unlocked again.
So i dont know since which patch it has stopped working.
Do you also have that problem?

Edit: Sometimes the favorites dont get reset after a restart.
Edit2: Changed the title.

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This has something to do with the game saving your files/ your progress on the Fatshark servers. This really could be fixed, i didn’t come around reporting it as i always forgot…

When you open chests and get new items/favour them afterwards and close the game right after, the ‘new item seen’ and the favouring don’t get saved (for some reason). Item creation, re-rolling, and loot in general don’t get reset, no worries.

To circumvent it until it is fixed i figured out you can force the game to safe, and then close the game. You can do this by switching character (game has to remember your last played when opening the next time) or starting a mission (you can close it right after opening the portal).

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I wasnt talking about new items. I was talking about the favorite reset(small little green heart) after restarting the game for all items i have, including my 100 red ones… .
I dont know it is weird and not consistent.

  1. Press the Windows key + R
  2. Enter %appdata% and select the ‘OK’ button
  3. Navigate to AppData\Roaming\Fatshark\Vermintide 2
  4. Right-click user_settings.config and select ‘Properties’

Under ‘Attributes’, is the ‘Read-only’ checkbox selected?

If so, please deselect it and apply the changes.

It is deselected. I mean at the moment all items are locked. It worked to select all items and then change the character. I hope it wont reset in the future.

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