Untrusted by anticheat Unknown file version (bundle\4e33aaaB3133ba15)

Started on Monday.
During the introduction text to any mission I get this error.
I am instructed to verify files. I have done this. Many times. A corrupted file or two is detected, replaced, and nothing changes. All drivers are up to date. Computer clock is synched. Not having an antivirus conflict as it happens if I disable the AV and try that way.

GUID: 30445be0-ba4c-4c75-8aaa-46e135894b64
Log File:
Info Type:

Learned one other detail since posting this. This only triggers for Athel Lenyui. I ran a Windows Memory Check, it came up negative.

GUID: 8bfc264d-8ab2-412b-a14a-959fe7ff6029
Log File:
Info Type:

just confirming that I can reproduce it.

Hi @Berettadin,

As the ‘go to’ for this, could you please try running through all potential solutions here?

Let me know how you get on.

Happy to.
Results: took all those steps as applicable (not overclocking for example) and no success.

GUID: e872e597-aa44-4e78-8db6-643f351b84e0
Log File:
Info Type:

Ah okay :frowning: righto, I’ve sent you a message with something else we can try.

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