Unsure if this has been suggested yet, but Toggle-able friends only games.

My friend and I just want to finish one game without someone hopping in and loosing our grims. :confused:

Hit the tab button while in game, top right corner, click the box that says private. You have to right click to show your mouse cursor while holding tab. This will make your game so that only invites can join.


If you launch a game by QuickPlay you can’t lock untill you start to play the game. But from Custom Game, where you can pick up any map, you can check the box “private”, below, in the same menu.

As Smoker said, “private” will prevent “non-friends” to join. Anyone of your steam contacts can join you though, even if not invited. (And yes you can check, uncheck, in a already started game this box like it’s written above).

EDIT : to private a quickplay there is an approved mod :
(Official realm friendly)


Unfortunately the private part only works in the modded realm. In the official realm, it allows you to always be the host when clicking QP.

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