Unlocking the main problem with the talent rework

First of all I want to start by applauding fatshark with their recent talent re-work and weapon re-balance. I strongly believe that the new talents will unlock a variety of fresh new play-styles for players to use within the game.

However the changes have one major pain point: THE LOCKS.

With the new balance changes, all of our gear has been trashed. The special combinations of blessing effects and damage/stagger breakpoints are largely now invalid across the board. While it’s expected for old builds to change as balance patches arrive, we can’t simply do our homework and start playing a new build that is designed with the new playing field in mind. Unlike in vermintide, because of the LOCKS we can’t just respec our gear. Everyone’s gear progression has been sent back to square 1 overnight as they’re forced to wade through multiple layers of playerbase exodus inducing RNG to try to replace what was lost. In many cases it’s just going to happen again with the next balance patch. And the one after that. And the one beyond that.

The player community, sans maybe one or two noteworthy people who know who they are, have been united around this pain point for almost a year now. We’re not asking for anything complex or deep. We don’t want any kind of elaborate new system that will take many dev hours to bring to fruition. Just get rid of the locks.

It’s that simple.

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