Unique class items Customized Runs

I think something that should be added to the list of to do’s is class unique items. Reds/Oranges that only drop for that specific class and can only be used by that class with unique mechanics and unique look. Maybe items that change how certain talents work by either buffing their % or numbers. If brave enough maybe change the talents properties completely. For Balancing sake you could limit these items by restricting them to 1 equip-able at a time. These items could actually make classes have some individuality among their own kind. “Oh thats a So and So pyro build cool I played with a So and So pyro earlier I wander if its better or how it works”. It could draw in players to play classes they would not normally play by being drawn in to the unique game play that one unique item does to change the way the character is played.

These unique items could make the classes even more narrowed in what they do or broaden what they can do more so then before. All Balanced of coarse so you won’t have a one size fits all scenario. Anyways just thoughts. In all honesty most of the hard core player base will already have maxed power and BiS by the end of the month by or the end of April at the latest. I really don’t see too much to do at end game right now. So giving the players uniques to hunt and build diversity for theory crafting would be a step in a good direction. Also in another thread a player mentioned customizable difficulty to were players could amp difficulty up to absurd standards and maybe play with mods to create the perfect legend nightmare cata run. Deeds are fun and all but I don’t see why players can’t build their own runs from the ground up with mods that add and subtract from the prize pool in accordance to difficulty/mods chosen.

P.S. like in VT1 in higher difficulties you tend to play with friends you know and players you trust and the matchmaking goes out of the question it’s been two weeks with VT2 and it has already been proven you just don’t use it past veteran really only the brave, confident, or masochist. Having a customizable mission option where a group can build their own mission from the ground up with mods, stage, difficulty and itemization could really give groups of friends something to do and something to strive for even maybe create a community leader board. Like for example a group of four friends make and beat a insanely absurd difficult run get put on the leader boards. Then other community groups can try and meet or match that run. FatShark could make a reward system for groups who make it to the leader boards weekly or monthly. Get the community to openly and competitively interact.

If you wanted to not get rid of the deed system you could integrate the customization system into it. Make Deeds blank and drop at a low % chance for each difficulty. So deeds become drops only for the played difficulty you could get them as a reward for. Players could consume deeds to be allowed to create a customized mission for them to run with the group. Upon launch of mission the deed would actually be consumed from inventory. This way the current deeds and deed system could still remain in the game just reworked.

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