In-depth idea for class unique gear / end game grind

In a previous post I talked about classes getting unique items that only that class can equip not saying to make new item classes just something like “Sigmar’s Shinning Star” a flail only the Zealot can equip or something like a charm for the wizard called “firey Heart” that only the unchained can equip etc. My math for these is really simple on the front end. Each class has 5 item slots along with 15 talents. So in reason each class can get 3 uniques for each item slot and each unique item modifies/changes how a specific talent functions. These uniques will also have random traits on them like reds and yellows do as well. For balance issues if it needed to be dealt with players could only equip 1 unique at a time or maybe only 2 if they were way to strong and the community felt they broke the system to hard. These uniques could help players push further into harder and harder content and lead the devs into making more and more challenging content and difficulties.

These uniques could add hours and hours to players game time trying to find the perfect roll of stats and traits to tailor to their play style and could create very outside the box builds and play styles. I feel when a game is too easy you don’t nerf everything into the ground you just add to the end of the content and make a ceiling so high no player can touch it so I know my ideas and opinions don’t always match up with others. I’d rather a game be impossibly hard then a cake walk of boredom. You could tie uniques into the Deed system so they are only acquired by using Deeds as right now Deeds are the only real challenge the game offers.

Like in my other post I still suggest that players past Legend Mode gain the ability to craft their own Deed runs to give themselves challenges and stack the odds against them in turn maybe increasing the odds of getting those uniques. I really hope you guys at FatShark take note of this or atleast give it a thought. I really do love this game even though I am also really upset at its current state. I have faith you guys will improve it I just want to try and give my two cents. Please community leave some feedback add to this topic. This game needs something to grind for and a real end game. Currently it does not.

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