Unimaginable lags after the halloween update

I can’t play at all with such weird lags, they appeared right after I wanted to try and play the halloween update, but when I started the game and got into the lobby, unstable framerate of 5-10 welcomed me and I’ve tried everything ever since but to no avail.
I have tried:

  • Adjusting graphic settings
  • Adjusting worker threads of my CPU (including priority setting in the user_config)
  • Adjusting graphic settings in Nvidia control panel to be more towards performance
  • Checking what part of my computer gets stressed so much and when I did, to my surprise CPU core wouldn’t go over 40% unless it only showed one core on the Nvidia monitoring tool I’ve used and GPU didn’t even budge while binging around in the helms keep
  • Installing the older graphic drivers since my friend said his game worked well on a other computer that had much worse specifications but older drivers
    I seriously need help with this one, I’m going mad over here!

Sorry to hear that. Please have a look here: https://support.fatshark.se/hc/en-us/articles/360022719993--PC-How-to-Improve-Your-Performance-in-Vermintide-2

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