Unchained / Zealot Career Design

These careers have a really fun risk design but why not improve the kit to more naturally achieve risk bonuses rather than purposely take hits or shoot random fire balls. Something like following…

-Ranged weapons generate 100% more overheat, 25% larger pool.


-Overheat no longer decays, 25% larger pool


-weapon special toggle to gain bonuses per strike at cost of health
(Would have to disable rapier pistol or just fire a pistol shot too while toggling)


-Guilty Conscious, ranged weapon shots tax Zealot’s conscious dealing actual damage.
(Could even tie this one into a double melee option for career and utilize rapier for use)


-Self Inflicting, Weapon toggle allows Zealot to hit himself…this animation would be really funny… id expect new ally voice lines to be included.

What would you do? Do you think???

I think it’d be nice if the Zealot could hit himself to get his buffs. And Unchained could work with something like “Living Bomb no longer vents all overcharge, prevents any overcharge gain for x seconds”


Kind of the purpose of living bomb though, could be a talent choice for a different buff perhaps increased damage and freezes overheat generation for short period.