Unchained weapon idea

I’ve never seen it referred to as anything other than the Winds of Magic in any Warhammer setting. Seems synonymous with “mana,” or even just, “magic.” Each order draws from the same pool of raw magical power but each does unique things with it. Then, as you said, Chaos Magic and Waaagh! Magic each draw their power from entirely different sources.

Yeah, I should’ve stated it differently. I didn’t mean heavy to hold, more like “requires more strength to swing”. Unwieldy fits better. But I think the support hand on the blade still fits since it’s the easiest way to block a direct hit without the risk of being disarmed by it or losing balance.

I actually think a flaming whip or a flaming chain would be really cool. Like the demon gandalf fights in lotr!

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What do you think about claws(fireclaws)?
I think it would fit the crazy look if sienna.
And of course only available for the unchained class.

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As long as it’s unique to play, sure, why not.
Unchained just needs something that makes it more valuable as a melee / tank character and provides a good reason to choose it above her other classes.

The flaming greatsword was my initial thought, but of course chains, whips, melee staffs or claws could also fit really well if done right.

I just feel like a lot of potential the Unchained class has is currently sort of wasted because it has no viable weapon. Unchained differs a lot from all other melee classes, but the weapons don’t.

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Overall i dont understand why most of the weapons are usable for all classes.
And generally you are right @DominikDoom.

Agreed. Plus, isn’t she currently the only character who doesn’t have a class-unique weapon?

Saltzpyre also has none if I’m not mistaken.
I think that the flail was limited to the Zealot until they changed it at some point.

Oh, they unlocked flail? I didn’t even realize. Seems like an odd choice.

Well, they said, and I agree with them, that they’d only lock weapons to a subclass if it’s necessitated by lore, like Druchii repeaters being only available to a dark-elf-esque character.
Though then I wonder why Longbow is limited to Huntsman, besides the fact that it is obviously stronger than all other options - balancing, I suppose.
What is of course possible is a weapon that is most effective on a specific subclass - f.Ex. Mercenary taking a weapon with strong cleave values, or Repeater Crossbow being often used by BH because he gets more ammo and can use the triple shot crit.
In that vein, we could also have weapons for the unchained.
What remains a problem, however, is that sienna is balanced around Ranged.
If we want her as a legitimate melee option (and not just a ‘tank’-melee), we’d need a talent or trait that somehow makes her worse in that respect, or have a mechanic baked into the weapon that really emphasizes not scorching too many things from a distance. Or another subclass, if they ever get 1 more done per character, though I doubt it.
A 2h sword could be done relatively easily by elongating an existing flameword, and taking a mix of animations from the wardancer blade, her mace, and the existing flamesword (That 'spreading fire on the blade animation is pretty awesome). A combat staff would be even easier with a small model change on an existing staff and small animation modifications - it could handle like a halberd with a bit of mace or hammer thrown in, substituting fire for sharp tips. However, they are certainly not too creative options.
Similarly, a burning censer could just be based on Saltzpyre’s Flail, probably with the same animations given it’s actually of less weight, and then add a whole lot of burning and maybe modify the light attack partern.
This could be locked; wieding magical flame close to your body, all the time, is something no sane battle wizard would do.

What could work with unchained without just locking weapons would be to play around with inherent modifiers. Those could be hard to explain to players, but if we had, say, an additive reduction of weapon power compensated by higher base damage, her “power on overheat” passive would effectively be stronger with that weapon.
When it comes to Claws, I would lock them to unchained for the visuals; She already has armoured gloves, strikes with them with the flame sword, and has forearm covers; just infusing them with flame and blocking by crossing arms would be rather cool and work best with her current model.

I believe the reasoning for the longbow being Huntsman specific is that it represents Kruber adhering more closely to the Cult of Taal and Rhya’s strictures, specifically, “Do not clad yourself in metal. Rather wear the hides of your animal kin” and “Take pride in your strength and natural skill. Avoid firearms and other works of science.”

I’m pretty sure some slayers did ise ranged weapons, also, so not sure how strictly they’re following lore limitations.

Well, most of the illusions mention the use of bows in the military. It’s a pity that the Longbow is clearly his best ranged weapon in basically all cases.

So this is just a copy-paste post that I made on another thread, just slightly altered to this thread, since it is a weapon idea for Sienna: the Fireclaw Gloves, and how they could work.

I’d like to add to my idea of the Fireclaw Gloves for Sienna (at least for her Unchained career) as a melee weapon and explain a bit how I imagine that they could possibly work.

In terms of design they are rather simply done.

  • Larger gloves on each hand with a blade on each finger except on the thumbs.
  • The blades are as long as daggers (imagine the hands of Edward Scizzorhands in length) and the blades go back above the fingers onto her hands, to properly support her fingers as she swings her arms.
  • The blades should all be fiery like the flamesword on at least one of the gloves.
  • Dual-handed weapon, as there are two gloves. (Like Slayer Bardin’s dual-axes.)

I feel like this weapon should have a bit of a fun mechanic to them to make them a bit different, apart from being dual-handed.

Depending on how much Overheat she currently has, the “left-click” (Light attack) changes. The left-click is a sweep that is litterally changing from left arm to right arm all the time. A good weapon for hordes, as she can hit many enemies, but doesn’t cleave too much.

So about the Overheat.

  • At low overheat, the left-click is very fast and deals a small amount of damage. For an example of a base damage number per sweep: 450-500 damage.
  • The higher the overheat, the slower her attacks get due to the pain of the winds of magic surging through her, but the sweeps get heavier, causing them to deal more damage.
  • At high overheat, the left-click becomes rather slow but deals more damage. For an example of a base damage number per sweep: 900-1000 damage. Basically, at around max overheat, the attacks are much slower but deal double or triple damage. This is just an idea, so it can be tweaked. I don’t have a clear thought of this with damage numbers and stuff.
  • Some cleave to the sweeps. Adds more cleave the higher the overheat, or less cleave, depending on how much cleave she has as a base.

Her “hold left mousebutton” (Heavy attack), is a single target stab. She thrusts her arm forward, piercing armor and deals damage.

  • Heavy headshot damage.
  • Armor-piercing strike. (Sienna is the only one that doesn’t have a Melee weapon that pierces armor (to my knowledge), while everyone has a ranged weapon that does. I noticed after posting this originally that at least the Long Sword has armor pierce in its Heavy attacks, but I still want it.)
  • Single target.

If her claws are, as the name suggests, flaming then a burning DoT could also be considered, at least for the glove that does have it.

In terms of blocking stamina, at least 3 shields, as I imagine her using both of her forearms when blocking, as the glove goes down them quite a bit like a padded/armored gauntlet.

This is just my base idea. You may tweak it as you like, since I am not the best when it comes to damage numbers and such. But if you like this, then let Fatshark know. ^^

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Totally agree. They need to give unchained similar survivability to zealot, but with a unique weapon. Flaming chain/whip, or I really like the firey claws idea.

The only issue is, ranged still being so strong at the moment. If you’re in a group with two ranged as melee, you spend most of the map twiddling your thumbs.

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