Unchained Ult Not Clearing Overcharge

i think this has to do with me getting hit at the same moment I ult. You can see I ult and get hit, throw one more fireball, and immediately explode, not instantly realizing it didn’t clear.

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I might be wrong but the ult did work.
As far as I can see from the video, your ult cleared all overcharge, then you got hit by beastmen which took half of your health and filled your overcharge bar again, and then you got THP from ult. It all happened within milliseconds and created illusion of ult not working properly.
That’s about it :man_shrugging:.

No it didn’t, you can see in the video it never empties. The level stays the same before and at the start of the ult and then instantly goes up to exploding when I get hit.

Yeah, it does not clear, it just goes up from the previous charge level from the beastmen hit.
(@Romucha It’s a youtube video, so you can set the speed down to 0,25, should be clearer to see)
Before any mod comes and asks the same question, pls provide the session log so they can see how that could happen. It’s quite important for finding the source of any bug.
The instructions are (not?) given in the pre-fill, so here’s the path:
C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\Fatshark\Vermintide 2\console_logs

Ruining my preliminary work: @Fatshark_Hedge is the console log not required anymore, or why has it been removed as a requirement for bug reports in the pre-fill? It only mentions crash reports.
Knowing the path is not a given, especially for a windows-novice as the files are hidden.
Yes, the previous pre-fill was quite clunky, but i think those paths should still be in there.

I bet the hit interrupted the ult’s OC clear effect. I mean, it’s beastmen. Nothing works right around them. So you’re at high oc, ult, get hit through ult becuz goatman, oc clear stops right where it’s at becuz, and finally you got hit for 80 billion damage so half of that added to your high oc sent it straight to critical.

Probably not a bug but it really should be

I doubt one beastmen hit can fully charge yoir overheat. Its 75/2=37.5 overheat generated. What is heat bar max value? Does anyone know?
From video I can see heat bar disappearing from screen, as overcharge was cleared.
Then, health dropping from 77+33 to 77+3 (30 dmg taken) and from 77+3 to 46 (36 dmg taken) and then talent giving you 35 hp making it 46+36.
So right after ult you got hit 2 times for 64 damage (64 overcharge generated as well). Ping related situation.

Maximum overcharge is 40

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I actually submitted this bug back on 7/11/2019, or some time between then and the beta ending. Same thing. The active didn’t clear the overcharge even though it stopped me from exploding the first time. I wasn’t sure what caused it. Seems it’s still around though.

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Overcharge was cleared, you just got punched again. You can see hit markers appearing, you can see your heat bar vanished from screan, meaning overcharge was cleared.

The problem is your ult didnt stagger shoot, just as it happens to merc, whc and others. So you cant block hits while in animation of clearing overcharge and here you are dead again

It may be ping, it may be as well stagger problem.

Back then the stagger resistance was higher on some of the units, but you can see they do get staggered and fly around in the video(most of them, but not all). Yet somehow there are like 10 hit markers and insta-overcharge. Hard to tell fully with the frames, but yeah. I only had that happen once and it was during the beta.

By the way, when you see this issue for the not-staggering active moments, is it on the regular game mode? Or does it only happen with twitch/deeds/weeklies/etc.

I’ve had this happen dozens of times but I can’t remember when specifically it occurs.

You just decribed a bug. Not something that debatably isn’t, but should be a bug, an actual bug.

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