[BETA] Shade's ult wont hit sometimes

Issue summary:
Sometimes when making an attack during Shade’s ult, the swing does no damage and the ult is not used. It is pretty intermittent, but happens often enough to be unreliable. I have also had a few occasions where shielded storm vermin will not die if I use my ult on them from behind. The ult is used and they are not dead.

Steps to reproduce:


Does it occur every time?

Additional information:

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you should move this (and the others) in the proper forum section.

Which section? I just googled “vermintide 2 bug report.”

this one, the Shadows Over Bogen - bugs&chips

Can confirm, had the same issue. It seems to be related to the new dodge state during the ult.


hm… interesting. Can’t say for sure what or how but we’ll take a look.


Same !

Any news?

Something similar has happened to me several times over the past 2 weeks where I probably played 40+ legend Shade games- The damage will come out as a regular hit instead of F ult (backstab or not). However, at the end of game stats it shows the full damage. Seems to happen more recently after 1.2. Also when using Charm Trait Concoction.

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