Unable to Play Today: Can You Help?

This is a long post…please bear with me I beg you.

To preface this, I played Darktide yesterday (after the family holiday fun) into the wee hours of the morning; 3amish EST. No issues with Darktide playing.

Today, I cannot play at all due to some “issues” which I’ll explain and I hope beyond hope someone can help me out.

In August this year I upgraded my GPU to a new EVGA 3060 XC card (previously a 1060). A big upgrade for me and the price was pretty darn good on Amazon so I had to bite.

Previously, the 1060 was doing well for me for 100% of my games and I had no issues to complain about. I picked up BF2042 when it came out and played that for a while as well with no issues. When their big update came for season 1, this is when all the trouble started. Occasionally I’d have moment when my displays (dual display, both the same monitor) would freeze up for a moment, then go black a moment later, and then return to whatever I was doing at that moment. This was generally when I has 2 different pages open on 2 either screen, or when video’s were open on both screen, or a combination of both. I wasn’t to worried at the time because it really wasn’t a big deal.

Then, I suddenly couldn’t play BF2042 with any consistency: lock-ups, crashes, freezes while in game, all ending with me Ending Task on the game and having to restart the game. Rather annoying and a complete PITA to play with my friends.

I came to find out (Event Viewer) that I keep having a recurring error labeled: nvlddmkm. Apparently this is a display driver error for the Nvidia Graphics Card. Here are a few reasons why the nvlddmkm driver fails:

  • Corrupted system files
  • An issue with the graphic driver
  • Overheated graphic card
  • Conflicts with third-party application
  • Faulty memory module
  • Issue with Power Supply

I tried a ton of things to fix the issue to no avail; Reseating the card, uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers, and anything else I could find as suggestions to fix this error to no avail.

Today I even used DDU to completely rid my system of everything Display Driver related and once done I installed, or re-installed, the latest NVIDIA drivers for my GPU.

I’ve also checked out all of the other issues listed above. I’m up to date with Windows 10 updates and found no issues with any scans I’ve done to find corrupted system files. I’ve monitored my temps and have found no problems with the GPU or CPU. I’m not aware of any third-party application conflicts that would cause any issues. A lengthy check of my memory showed everything is ok (32 GBs), and I do not have any problems with my PSU (850w).

Now today, I cannot play Darktide at all. Every time I start the game and get into the playable area at the start (just after character selection) anywhere from 5 to 15 seconds later the game locks up and crashes.

The Event Viewer indicates that each and every time this happens it is an NVLDDMKM error.

I’m at my wits end now. I have plenty of other games on my PC that I can play with no issues like this what-so-ever. Many of them are just as heavily graphics-oriented as Darktide and BF2042. From Fallout 4 to Icarus to many of the Assassin Creed games and Far Cry games that I have. No problems and no issues.

I cannot for the life of my fix this problem.

Question: Could my GPU be the issue itself? Could there be something wrong with the card and if so, aside from this recurring error, how can I find out for sure without purchasing another GPU (the exact same one) from another source (lets say Newegg.com)?

If you’ve experienced this issue please chime in. If you’ve experienced this issue and know a tried and true solution, PLEASE chime in.

ANY help in this matter would be greatly appreciated. If ya’ll need more info, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Current PC Stats:

CPU: Intel I5-7600k @3.8ghz
MEM: 32gbs DDR4 3200
OPSYS: Windows 10 64bit

It wasn’t this issue in particular, but my friend was having an issue with a video driver related crash in Darktide in particular which I finally resolved by reinstalling Windows for him. You can download a tool which will make a USB drive into installation media. It’s fairly painless, as long as you back up everything you should be up and running again within a few hours.

Windows 10: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10%20

Windows 11: https://www.microsoft.com/software-download/windows11

I don’t know if that will help for you, but I can at least verify that it worked for me in a similar situation as a last resort.

While I believe you are serious and posted that suggestion in all sincerity (My thanks), it is a running joke amongst my gaming friends (online and table top) that all of our (collectively) PC problems can be fixed by ~Reinstalling Windows~.

While it IS an option, it’s not one I’m willing to take at this point in time. If I have to I’ll wait till I get a new PC next year and then fingers crossed all my problems will be solved! laughs nervously

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ive had that nvlddmkm error , i7 6700k and a 1080 myself , every day within 10 minutes of powering my pc on it would crash to blue screen listing that, on reboot it would be fine for the rest ot the day. unfortunately i never found a fix, it just went away im assuming it must of been a driver or windows update.

dwhen you reinstalled the driver did you like fully remove the old ones? ive heard that can be an issue .

Several times in fact before Darktide was available. When the problem started appearing the other day in Darktide, the same day of the most recent patch…

I downloaded Driver Display Uninstaller and did a nuke on everything driver display related from Safe Mode and then reinstalled the newest/latest driver from Nvidia.

Same problems persist.

I’ve been having the same issue. Took a peak at event viewer and see the same error you are getting. No other game throws this error though, so I feel like it has to be something specific to Darktide.

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Don’t go do anything more. Disabling dlss and fidelityFX seems to help a bit for me. Now crashing every 15 minutes on nvlddmkm. Having the same error as you on event viewer from the day 1 of this beta. (Did not play previous beta). This is the only game having this error.

Just to chime in on this, I am also getting this error, only on Darktide, and persistent across Windows 11/Windows 10 reinstalls with a MSI Gaming Trio 4090. Every other visually demanding game runs totally fine. Have tried tons of fixes and nothing has stuck, still intermittent crashes.

I’m running some more tests at the moment, but while browsing for some more information, I stumbled upon this little thread on the Microsoft forums:


3rd page, last post, click on the link labelled:

“In reply to Frick156’s post on November 1, 2022”

Then look over the post and Blind_Monk_1’s reply.

It could very well be a bad/dead RAM stick.

Once I’m done with this other test I’m running now, I’ll work on the RAM and see if I had 1 or more die. Then I’ll update again.


No issues with my RAM or tests I spoke of previously.

Found ANOTHER thread while looking for more information and stumbled upon what has to be the most unassuming fix:

Turn on Debug Mode in the Nvidia Control Panel (of course for Nvidia GPU users).

And by some MIRACLE, Darktide runs. Not only runs, but runs smoothly and with no hiccups.

Loaded up just fine and played through and entire mission with no problems.

Now to see if that change fixes my BF2042 issues…

I repeat. This is NOT an issue on your computer. It’s a bug in game! Thousands of players have that same issue! I’m currently testing if todays 1.6Gt patch to game fixed it. Did not crash on first map!

Edit: That debug mode thing is odd. Well if it helps it helps :slight_smile:

Never owned a Nvidia card, but when I first got my 6900xt I was having issues with stuttering that were driving me nuts! I mean literally nuts, obsessing at work and when I got home… researching every fix…

Halo Infinite ran like crap and BF2042 ran really bad I was so close to returning my card.

Anyways I ended up coming to the conclusion that alot of newer games are just not optimized well, especially for more powerful cards with more cores/threads.

I had the weirdest issues with Elden Ring at launch as well, I still have ptsd from the errors that game gave me I still haven’t touched it on PC again. The game would crash my computer to black screen and my PC would not boot until I reset the CMOS figure that one out.

I do not think you have any problem with your PC. Just look at the forums, so many people are complaining of issues with the game. I for one have lost around 30 fps since last patch. I was around a steady 100-110 on high now I get around 70ish. I also get crashes after missions complete alot and it doesn’t save my progress after the run.

Weird response but try deleting the desktop shortcut. I was encountering GPU driver bugs that would crash my PC a few minutes after booting up after the first time i played DT, loooong story short it turned out that it was an issue that i got even after uninstalling darktide because the uninstaller didnt delete the desktop shortcut.

lo and behold reinstalling darktide and deleting the desktop shortcut meant my GPU drivers stopped crapping the bed, I have a 3070 and I only realised it was GPU driver issues because 30 series drivers have been having more uniquely stupid issues like that.