Unable to connect to twitch account/ endless connecting loop - PC Twitch mode

Unable to connect to twitch account/ endless connecting loop - PC

First post on the forum.

me and my mates did a bit of testing, when one of my friend is hosting we grab a random dota live stream channel and he is able to enter twitch mode and host twitch game no trouble. switching to me as host i tried using the same stream only to get the infinite connecting mssg

we waited 17minute for mine to connect and It did not work.
I exit the game to verify integrity of game files via steam, run the game as admin, turn off anti virus and turn off firewall. issue still persist. I’ve had this issue for long time now(roughly about 8 - 6month ago when i first notice it) but dint felt writing a post about it but lately regular deed and cata is getting boring and weave is a nope alternative.

So wanting to be able to create twitch mode game when friends aren’t online any help to what am I doing wrong?.

I’ve queried this with our Twitch Mode-expert and I hope to have an update for you soon.

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Thank you, small update, for the past 3 day I have been trying to connect to a twitch stream both small and crowded, even tried to connect to a stream in my region specifically, it did not work.

My play time session is around 3 to 4 hour a day, as soon as I start my game i tried connecting to a stream for twitch mode
and in one instance I left the connecting attempt for a full on 4 hour filled by quick play game in between and each time I came back to the keep
I check up on the twitch mode only to see it still attempting to connect and in the end after 4 hour of gaming I just close the game.

My internet speed

Issue still persist and it seem to be a very rare problem, I’m still hopeful and keeping the post alive for now.

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