Unable to collect event reward Triumphant Soul

Issue Summary:
The event reward Triumphant Soul is not able to be unlocked (completed) for Okri’s challenges. All other steps have been completed for the week and the remaining event time is at 0:00:00.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Complete event objective collecting ravaged art - collect reward
  2. Complete event objective kill Bodvarr Ribspreader - collect reward
  3. Complete event objective quick play - collect reward
    Completed and collected rewards in order as soon as they were available. Completed in one game session in between quick play missions.

Reproduction Rate (Choose One): Once???
Once ???
Rare (< 10%)
Unusual (< 25%)
Common (< 50%)
Often (< 75%)
Constant (100%)

Additional Information:

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Yep, have the same thing…

Same for me. I was happy to manage collecting the tomes still in time, but then nothing. (Wöchentlich=weekly)

Me too…!

Did you guys run the Weekly Event in the Mission Table yet?

I have the same problem.
And I don’t have a Weekly because I don’t own the first DLC.

Check the mission select screen for Weekly Event.



Doing the Weekly Event actually did the trick! I Was able to collect the Quest after.
Thanks for the tip Hedge!
Still a curious solution…

It’s written right there that the reward is for beating said challenge so how exactly is it curious?
Reading and understanding was all that was needed.

“Schließe das Wöchentlichen Event ab” is wrong it is “den” not “der” and wöchentlich is an adjective here so no capital letter.

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