Okri's Challenges Crashing On PS4

Please fix this, I finished a weekly okri’s challenge and tried claiming the reward but it would keep crashing on PS4, I made an account just to report this so please fix!!


Sorry about that - we’re looking into this. Were you playing in Online or Offline mode?

I was playing on offline mode.

I am experiencing the same issue.

-PS4 (playing on a PS5)
-Offline mode
-After dismissing the dozen cosmetic popups every time
-Book is glowing, go to it
-Challenges/quests are completed and ready to claim

Claiming any of them, either individually or using the “Claim All” button immediately crashes to the error reporting menu and back to the PS5 dash.

In 1.31 this would happen with daily rewards but only when I’d finished all 8 days in a row and cycled back to Day 1 again. But now that works as expected, and it’s the challenges/quests that are crashing. Seems it’s something to do with the moment it’s supposed to issue the reward, just like the daily reward bug.

Thanks for confirming both - we’re on it! Apologies for the inconvenience in the mean time.


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