Can’t collect more than 5 paintings

I’ve been playing for a while now and have collected many pieces of art from many different missions but can only see 5 to hang up.

-Bastion of Faith
-Empire of Decay
-The Carnival of Speckren Vale
-Hunter of the Wastes
-The Beast of Bogenhafen

I’ve seen other players who’ve got plenty of other paintings but for some reason I can’t find mine. Thought maybe I had to get passed a checkpoint or something to see the rest but can’t find anything on that, online or in game. Looked around to see if others have report this but can’t find any reports either. I play on Xbox. Pls help it’s pretty annoying.

Did you check your Okri’s Challenges?

Most paintings are obtained by completing Okri’s Challenges in the “Ravaged Art” section. You have to claim each challenge you’ve completed to unlock the painting.
You can also click on incomplete challenges to check what you’re missing to complete it.

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