Ultimate Hability of the Psycher

How many people would like that psycher’s ultimate hability could use it to not explode when the peril overpass 100%?

You could use it to not explode, but not reducing peril, you stand with the 100%, only one reduces the peril 50%.

I think it is something we are accustomed to use to not explode.

What do you think?

If i understand you correctly, you want the old psyker ult to do exactly what it already does now (vent 50% and save from exploding), but add the “save from exploding” function to the other two ults as well.

Although Scrier’s Gaze would be instantly disabled after using it for that purpose, it would still prevent you from exploding.

Seems good to me.



I mean that change would be fine but I genuinely think people just need to adjust a bit to actually managing their peril decently and not riding the line as hard. It’s really not hard to avoid blowing up without an emergency abort. You wanna greed high peril? Ok, then wear the risks or manage it better.

It would be nice if you are in the explosion state and you use the ulti, in case the shield was not generated and you were still at 100% danger, for example, the same in the other skill but not I would give you the buffs.
But yeah, It’s a matter of getting used to it.

What do you think?

I think you had a stroke typing this.

clearly english is not my matern languange.
congratulations for being such a disgraful specimen.

Thats somehow my fault?

Being an ass about it is entirely your fault.

It would be nice if the shield had a node that made it explode dealing damage it absorbs when it expires, fails or you perils explode near it.

I was making a joke, chill

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