UI too big and cannot be adjusted

The 1.5 patch made my UI much larger than before. I was able to set some elements back to normal by scaling things down to 75%, but the menu and other elements remain too large. How can I change the other elements back to normal?

We’re aware some people are upset with the latest changes and are working on some improved scaling options.

If t’s not too much hassle, could you pop a screenshot over and highlight the parts you don’t like? I can then pass this on to our UI Programmer. :slight_smile:

Absolutely all UI elements except .

Including: objetive marker (blue shield) objetive texts, press “E” prompts (to open doors, chests…) main menu, character selection, armory/okri challenges/server browser, trophy/picture frame UI, zone text (when moving around a level it tells you where you are) crosshairs, chat…

It would be helpful for our UI Programmer if you could screenshot some of the parts you don’t like. :slight_smile:

I’m missing some but I hope you get the point.

Its literally everything except for player frames (including party frames), buff icons, health/ultibar+icons, and ammo counter as represented here


These elements are now scaled to your resolution as intended. Prior they weren’t so you simply got accustomed to the smaller menus and screens.

Scaling UI to resolution is pretty normal - the menus should take the same screen real estate regardless of your resolution and that’s now the case as of 1.5.

In-game HUD can be scaled with the slider and the rest of the elements that can’t be scaled will be scaleable in an upcoming patch. Likely tomorrow.


In the UI improvement mod they had it just right. The chat and the other UI elements like the books could be adjusted at the same time as the bars and it was much better. Now there isn’t an option to fix this, which is inconvenient. The chat should scale with the rest, and opening the books in the keep should also be adjusted with the bars. It simply doesn’t make sense to leave everything too big with the option to fix whatever is too big… It’s not logical from a design perspective. Take for example the tab button in-game. Why isn’t that adjusted? It’s obviously part of the UI…
Anyway, a lot of the problems that the mods fixed are wiped out by the designers. A lil research about how the players actually play would go a long way before imposing a new way without warnings.
Thank you for reading these forums though.


You can’t just change how the game has been looking since the start and say this is what it is supposed to look like.

Have you tried viewing this yourself on 1440p? It looks absurd. It it not in proportion with the rest of the screen.


So we’ve spoken a lot internally today about the resolution scaling, and hopefully next week (pending testing and sanity checks) we’ll add an option to clamp the scaling, this should affect menus and such. When we revisit the menus in a future update, this option might not be something you want to stick with, but we’ll leave it up to you if it is or not when that time comes. :slight_smile:


I sent you a few screenshots hedge.
Pre 1.5 and post 1.5.
Hope it helps you guys.

By “clamp” do you mean we will have an option to toggle scaling via resolution?

That may be a happy medium. Those that like the bigger menus for 1440p and up can still have it and those of us who like how it was before can have that too.

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