Tzeentch Twins crash

crash_dump-2021-02-23-19.43.44-be6462c2-9686-46c3-8a20-1a5505260747.dmp (924.6 KB)
console-2021-02-23-19.43.44-be6462c2-9686-46c3-8a20-1a5505260747.log (3.0 MB)

Crash happened within minutes of starting the run.

Thanks Harridas - we’ll take a look.

It’s an Access Violation which could maybe be an unlucky one off. If this occurs again/frequently for you could you provide further crash reports?


Yea, of course.

This mode is absolutely unstable. We’ve been playing it for the past 2 days for like 10 hours in total on different hosts and I’d say we had more than 30 crashes in total in that time.

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There was quite a lot of access violation crashes reported during the last twins event, so there is a possibility it isn’t just a one off. I had crashes too last time (you can find my report in the below link), but I haven’t tried hosting twins this week yet.

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The Access Violation crash still happens on twins for me when I’m hosting.

console-2021-02-27-17.30.01-a231be77-0075-47ab-ae00-6e8f014c6268.log (770.4 KB)
crash_dump-2021-02-27-17.30.01-a231be77-0075-47ab-ae00-6e8f014c6268.dmp (874.8 KB)

Super, thanks Haiken!

I’ve added all of the logs to our database - we’ll investigate.

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