Crash PC

Crashed when playing weekly cata (twins+bomby rats)

crash_dump-2021-05-04-15.40.08-888e50fd-9295-4692-bc54-aee87e95b06c.dmp (772.2 KB)

Would you be able to upload the corresponding console log also, please? It would be much appreciated. :slight_smile:

Of course. Had another crash not long after. Weekly event aswell.
Don’t know if it’s the correct log, but it is stamped the same time as the crash.

Crash dump nr 2:
crash_dump-2021-05-04-16.40.15-50f43770-8691-483b-abc9-2a0aca0f55aa.dmp (768.0 KB)

Console log nr2:
console-2021-05-04-16.40.15-50f43770-8691-483b-abc9-2a0aca0f55aa.log (1.1 MB)

Console log tied to crash dump nr 1 (OP):
console-2021-05-04-15.40.08-888e50fd-9295-4692-bc54-aee87e95b06c.log (1.2 MB)

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i have the same crash

Thank you, looking in to it!

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