CTD without message on Twins modifier

My friend was hosting the Twins weekly, and crashed to desktop. This happened just as a Chaos Spawn that was eating a Bot (IB I think) was about to split. I was beaming it as BW. This doesn’t seem to be the more common Access Violation crash that occurs on Twins.

crash_dump-2021-02-24-16.41.51-858d100f-f7d6-4cbe-bd61-841cb0d099cd.dmp (630.3 KB)

Console log was too big to upload on the forums, here is the link:

Thanks @Haiken, I’ve added this to our database for investigation.

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Exact same crash occurred. CTD with no message during twins, Chaos Spawn holding a bot, me beaming it, and the crash occurring just as the CS is about to split.

crash_dump-2021-02-26-16.49.28-452c9e3b-eab3-4694-a88b-f41bac193e8c.dmp (592.6 KB)

Console log:

Video of what happened when the game crashed from the client’s viewpoint:

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