Two suggestions for Paladin characters

The first suggestion: after the three passive talent icons of “Paladin” are activated, the passive talent icon of “bounty hunter” will be covered. As a result, I can’t accurately judge whether the passive talent of “bounty hunter” (certain critical hit in long-range attack) is in effect. So I suggest that the paladin’s passive talent icon should be visually optimized so that his passive talent icon no longer covers the bounty hunter’s passive talent icon.The second suggestion: it is still the “Paladin” passive talent effect suggestion!!! As we all know, the less green blood a “fanatic” has, the stronger his attack ability is. Therefore, we will put him in an endangered state with little green blood and a lot of white blood, so as to give full play to the maximum attack ability of “fanatic believer”. However, one of the passive talents of “Paladin” is that it can restore the skill effect of increasing teammate’s blood volume. What’s hateful is that the increased blood volume is not white, but green. This effect makes “crazy believer” in a very passive state and can’t play happily.So I suggest to optimize the effect of “Paladin” passive talent. For example: restore to increase team mate’s green health, optimize to: restore to increase teammate’s white blood. In fact, I don’t think it’s a good passive skill for paladins to recover passive talent skills that increase the health of their teammates. Because this passive talent effect overlaps with one of the abilities of the first elf class (stalker). It’s better to turn this skill effect into other gain attributes, such as: increase the movement speed of all teammates or reduce the CD time of the ultimate skill of all teammates, and so on…

I agree that it’s annoying not knowing when your next crit is up, the bh blessed shot should take priority. I do like kruber’s heal though.

You can get mods that allow you to prioritize certain buffs and the max buff limit (that you can see). UI tweaks does this but It will take a while to set up all the stuff you want in the right place.

First: there are no paladins per se in the world of WH

Second: already u hawe GK

There are quite literally paladins in the world of warhammer

Yeah, and source of this revelation is TW: Warhammer, so this is only made for needs of that game. The same situation like with zombie-pirates.
There are no Paladins of the Realm, only Knights of the Realm. (sources RPG and Battle books) I suggest you compare these descriptions, you’ll see what was taken from. Paladin is only a title, not career. Warhammer is not D&D.

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So these sources at the bottom of the Warhammer Wiki including 'Warhammer Armies: Bretonnia (6th edition) are wrong then? Fair enough.

I’m also aware that ‘Paladin’ is a title, as a paladin is not necessarily not any type of Knight, and a Grail Knight can have the title of Paladin. The title still makes them a paladin, so by that logic there are paladins in Warhammer.

Like i said compare descriptions. Is not about what you thinking and your logic, but about how GW created this universe.