Two Monstrosities spawning at the same time on Malice

I don’t know if this should be possible but two Beasts of Nurgle spawning at the same time seems rather odd on Malice.

Screenshot quality reduced due to Monstrosity effect.

Couldn’t kill them both and after a few minutes my game crashed.

Given that their health bars don’t overlap and seem to deliberately shift position… looks legit. Lucky you.

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2 Beasts of Nurgle… Karkin’ 'Ell

Got 3 demonhosts in one game a couple of days ago. One skilled player outdodged the first and we killed it, we avoided the second and ran into the third who ate our faces. With a horde. And some special enemies from that horde.
If the game does not want us to play it, it could just say so. Saves time.

Had a BoN and PO spawn at the same time. Thankfully I was in a premade group on discord so could communicate to kite one while we killed the other.

Yo that’s kinda poggers though. Couldn’t happen outside twitch mode in VT2, kinda cool that that can even happen.