Twitch Mode Broken

can anyone connect to twitch right now?

I get the error,

invalid oauth token. error: unauthorized. error code: 401

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Isn’t working for me either.

Should be working now! Let us know if there’s still issues.

Hey there, i still have the same issue, can´t connect to twitch.
Invalid OAuth token: unautorized. Error Code: 401

I see, will let the team know. Out of curiosity, what twitch stream are you trying to connect to?

Thanks for the fast reply! Yesterday we tryed to connect to ollessa, she was streaming, then we tested random streamers like shroud or ninja or whoever was online and streaming.

Oh, ok, have you had any issues today, though? The fix we tried went through this morning.

Right before i posted here i tested it. Also i was playing the past 2h and tried to connect to twitch over and over again. Nothing. Same error code as before. 401

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Yeah it’s doing it again now it was working earlier but now I’m getting that error again no matter what stream I try and connect to

Soooo… we pushed a fix in the backend earlier today, which solved the issue temporarily; but after digging further on the second break, it seems there’s a new process in the backend to connect to Twitch (probably pushed by Twitch as a developer themselves). Our backend engineers are looking into it and working on a solve to be rolled out soon.


Same problem
error 401

Don’t suppose you could extended the weekly event for an extra week :grin: me and a couple of friends want to play bomb rat, twins with twitch but haven’t been able to.

Any News?

Faced the same problem. Hope it’ll be fixed soon.

No news right now. Still digging into it to see what changed and will continue to work towards a solve when we’re back in the office on Monday!

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Any update? Has been down today as well

its been down for a week pretty much now, join the discord they will update you when a fix has been pushed in the game status channel.