Turgurs Insects - why FS need to balance characters before difficulties

i used to play a game called Everquest , the devs created a very special game but there were some miss steps along the way , the title for example was a spell used by a shaman that would lower the attack speed of any creature to a tiny fraction of what it started with , in my time it clocked in around 70% i believe it escalated as far as 90%.

The problem was they had to balance against it because it trivialised everything so you ended up with monsters either hitting insanely hard or fast to counter the slow spell this of course meant having a slower was simply essential a low con blue could murder any tank if it wasn’t slowed.
Interesting bit of gaming history , this is where the phrase “Holy Trinity” came from but it didnt mean tank/healer/dps it used to mean Tank /healer and cc

So what are the Turgurs insects of vermintide? well its pretty obvious trueshot volley and The burning head. they both kill 4+ elites and both have around 20?seconds cd that means your having to throw 8 elites at the group twice a minute just to counter these skills.

Now you can do that but it will lead to these two careers being required in every game , not much of an issue right now ill grant as you cant find a lobby without them.

but please fatshark learn from history if you are going to balance these classes do it before you balance the difficulties or you will be stuck with them.

now before people get their panties all bunched up about another cry for nerfs, its not what i want i want a semblance of balance i want a group to need all 4 and all 4 to be able to contribute , they could leave these as is and buff everyone else its all good to me . im just saying it needs doing before the difficulties are tuned.

you’re exaggerating here, cmon. anyone who’s ever used these skills will know that they don’t always hit the targets you need to hit - this is very important because it can save or wipe the party if you are relying on these skills. the cd is much longer for trueshot than it is for burning skull, and they’re definitely not 20 seconds.

the two careers are not needed in any game. i’ve completed many legend runs without a wizard or an elf.

to me this is another generic crypost about autoaim abilities. why not make a post about kruber drinking a conc potion and chainstunning bosses? oh right, because it doesn’t do any damage, therefore not impressive.


Its 70s for Volley and 40s for Burning Head.