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Whether I mark my target or aim in the direction of my intended target, burning head and trueflight volley will ALWaYS find a random trash enemy to hit instead. There could be one rat near me and this ability will decide to target it instead. During a horde I can aim at a special and fire off one of these skills and it will ignore the special and just hit some horde enemies. Maybe it will kill an elite, but it almost always hits trash enemies first, elites second and specials last. This priority seriously should be reversed. If I need to mark my target longer, then what’s the point of the ability if I could just kill it with a ranged weapon faster? I don’t think the intended use it for a couple ambient enemies but that’s the only time it can follow a target and not veer off in some random direction.

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You can specifically target enemies and usually you’ll hit the target if it’s highlighted red.

If you just aim generally in the direction of the specific enemy when there are other hostiles around yea your success is less probable.

If you focus the enemy (red outline) that has no enemies close to it and fire up into the air at an angle that doesn’t hit the enemies in between, it should hit the target. Recently it often doesn’t and just chooses another target entirely.

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As I said, when marking targets, it still doesn’t hit the targets I’m aiming at. Maybe there’s a lot of performance mumbo jumbo that affects targeting (fps, video settings, etc.) where it works better for some people than others.

It has seemed to me for a while already that while the “painting” of a target does work, that targeting is also lost very easily and quickly. Namely, if I want to shoot a Special on the other side of a horde, the red marking gets lost practically as soon as I take my aim off that target - which means that the Trueflight behavior is again directly responsible for acquiring a target, and it will probably choose the nearest one, not the one I wanted. And of course, if I keep my aim at the wanted target, there are other enemies between, and the arrows or skull is likely to hit them.

What would help here (without affecting the behavior of the projectiles directly) is that the targeting would be slightly “stickier”, staying on an acquired target for half a second or so. Of course, to prevent other kinds of trouble, it would also need to not acquire horde enemies as marked targets - probably marking should be limited to taggable targets anyway.

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Not being able to mark horde enemies and stickier targeting would definitely help. Not to say it shouldn’t be able to hit horde enemies, as long as I still hits the marked target. Another thing that’d help is if the game created a snapshot of your field of view at the point of release where it prioritizes the targets in order or importance, if for example, you didn’t have the time to mark the specific enemy you want dead.

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There’s two reasons why I wouldn’t really like that. First, it’d likely be a significant load on the computer, even if only momentarily (and probably require some significant changes in Trueflight behavior). Second, I feel that while some kind of (weak) target prioritisation could be in order, releasing a volley or skull without acquiring a target is essentially leaving it to Ranald and hoping for the best - and it should act accordingly. That is, there should be a tradeoff between taking the time to aim and making a wild shot.

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Well I don’t feel like there’s a very ideal way to use these abilities in their current state because it lacks any sort of priority. Too many enemies around, no targeting, kill several weak enemies. Same situation but targeting a special, 1 special dead, when it can do so much more. Even aiming gives you somewhat random results.

Do you mean pinging an enemy or holding trueflight volley and aiming with that until a red target appears.

Sometimes you need to angle your shot a bit so the arrows can curve around a corner. It can be a little wonky and I remember the skill being far better quite a while ago. If a special is behind a horde you want to paint that target red while aiming the skill and then shoot a bit above the actual horde so the arrows can loop back down and hit the special while avoiding the other enemies.

I’ll have to test this a bit more so see if I can replicate what you’re saying.

I submitted a bug report for this and Sienna’s Burning Head. After largely ignoring it, I submitted a second, more detailed, report. Fatshark Julia said that there will be a fix for it in the next update. So we shall see.


Yes, holding the ability over the target until they are red. It is wonky having to curve it around walls even when it’s locked on and sometimes the mark fades when trying to aim away/above the target to avoid geometry or other enemies.

What he means is that it just does not work, i have been having this issue as well.

I can aim at a faraway gasrat standing straight ahead, some scattered groups on the side, i see the gasrat turn red and i release.

And those arrows fly behind me and hit some random fellows behind a wall instead.


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i have noticed this problem too. somewhere in the last few patches it got broken

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