Trapper Net

I actually think having a sound cue when they spawn like pox hounds, flamers, and mutants would be nice.

Otherwise, there is a timer on the nets that eventually make them go away, I’m pretty sure. We had somebody get caught right as everybody descended, but the trapper was killed, and there were no enemies, so they were stuck up there alone. We sat around to see if they were going to be stuck up there forever, and the net did eventually go away. The timer is just too long to get out of it before you die if there are enemies around, which is exactly how they want the trappers to work.


There is a sound cue. They cackle and mutter to themselves, and there’s a sound of an electrical charge. I know pretty much right away when there’s one in the area, and the sound cue of it shooting the net is also very generous to dodge.

I’ll have to turn down my music, then. I’ve heard all the other cues, but I’ve not heard the one for trappers spawning into the area or being close by.

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Yeah I hear a lot of people say they don’t hear the trapper cues so I’m not sure if it’s a bug, or if it’s just something I’ve managed to pick up on.

Try to listen to an insane person rambling and cackling, and the sound of electricity. Them shooting the net has the most cartoony “spring trap” sound.

ive had dogs and trappers pin down the entire team simultaneously. how is that fun?
how does cohesion help?

There are a lot of complaints about the consistency and audibility of sound cues. Arguably that should be a reason to stay within reach of the team, but personal confidence in one’s ability to dodge these things is kind of moot when they can appear without warning.

That’s fair. I do see that complaint a lot, I’m not sure if it’s a technical issue or if they just haven’t picked up on it yet and have it registered.

For my personal experience, all my friends and I can identify them immediately and have never had an issue. I realize that our experience may not be that of others so it very well could just be bugged to some extent on some people’s versions, and we’ve been lucky. That’s certainly the case with all the crashes and DC’s so could be the case here.

It looks like latency plays a role in dodging nets.
And I got plenty of time stuck to a 150ms+ feel like server so that sucks.

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