Trait Icons, Inventory management, Skins


i just wanted to share some of my thoughts on what i think could be some good additions to the game :wink:

Trait Info-Icon

  • I think it would make things a bit easier if there was something next to a players portrait (or somewhere else) that tells you if this player is using an item-trait like “Natural Bond”. The last thing you want to do is, to open the Chat and let your teammates know that you are not picking up the potion because of your trait while a wild horde is approaching :rofl:

Inventory Management

  • When it comes to the inventory management, i would like to see the option to tag items as favourites, because if you have multiple items with the same Icon and rarity, you have to mouse-over them to see if you are about to equip the right item.

  • Another good addition in my opinion would be a basic filter-system.


  • Because skins are so rare in this game, it’s a little bit disappointing to not see them in the hero selection screen.

I would like to hear what you guys think about these ideas and i’m open for constructive criticism.

Cheers! :v:


1, 2.

haha yes, there are many games where i have been insulted:

“elf are u fkn blind? you just passed 2 healing potions”
“elf heal pls, don’t be stupid”

but these guys don’t notice my hp going slowly up. i do blame it on myself however, since i took accidental damage!

Or maybe, just maybe, you were the only one with an open slot, and they wanted you to carry this healing potion, so you could give it to someone later. Not in the second case, of course, but still.

I am so tired of people, that for whatever reason decide, that because they have Natural Bond they can only carry tomes from now on. No! Just because you can’t heal yourself, doesn’t mean you can’t carry a drought or medkit to give it teammates later on!

no, that isn’t the case for me, but yea, people not carrying tomes should definitely carry more supplies.

i know you wanna poke a hole in my bubble, but i’m already beating myself up for taking damage to get myself in that situation anyway =P

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