Toughness change proposition:

  1. Give full coherency regen when in coherency with one other player.

Inteded effect:
Make splitting up into teams of two more viable for certain tasks/ Increase flexibility.

  1. Give players a passive toghness regen as such:
  • it only regenerated up to 80%, so that you cannot avoid melee chip through it alone

  • it has two regen speeds

    • faster while ouside of melee and
      slower while in melee (in melee
      can be dependent on class)
    • no matter what it is slower than
      coherency regen and does not
      stack with it

In its current state I consider it broken.
However FS consider it working as designed so I guess that’s it.
Just ignore all toughness trinkets and stock up on health ones.

however they change it- they should reeeeaally go back an re-record the tutorial
at current the chip through is NOT what the tutorial teaches.

If there is a point where chip through begins, like at 100 or 50, the Toughness meter should also be marked as such!